Perceived Exertion


Kangoo Jumps benefits: faceliftPERCEIVED EXERTION is less on Kangoo Jumps:

Here is an example received from Beth Kruper USA, a professional Instructor and Personal Trainer:

“One client named LISA, who is going up and down on a step (step aerobics) with normal training shoes, achieves a heart rate of 166, says “oh my god you’re Killing me Beth, can we do something else?” ( I encourage all clients to wear heart rate monitor)

So we put Kangoo Jumps on and started working “KangooPower” type class in my gym, 10 min into it. I ask her heart rate: 170!!! But she wasn’t exhausted! She said “KANGOO doesn’t feel as hard but my heart rate is higher!!” a very challenging Cardiovascular workout with less PERCEIVED exertion, participants are able to work longer and at higher intensity, that’s KEY to success!!!”